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Alien invasion! ?

I mentioned in a post on my Zombie blog (click here to read it) that I was tempted to do an alien invasion to pit my 15mm Modern Aussies up against.

 This is one step closer to happening now, as I purchased the 'No Stars in Sight" sci-fi rules that are the futuristic platoon rules based on the 'No End in Sight' rules I like so much.

 The 'No Stars in Sight' rules (henceforth referred to as 'NSiS') uses the same system as the modern rule set, but also include a lot of other goodies like power armour, drones, droids, and alien creatures.

 There are also rules for solo and campaign play as per the modern rules.

 The aliens have their own lists and is quite extensive, and there is a system you can use to make your weird and wonderful aliens (and power armour/vehicles) balanced for your games.

Best of all Nordic Weasel is having a sale at the moment: "items Until the 3rd of February, almost everything I've made is between 40 and 50% off." Link

Now, what type of aliens to use for the game?

Being a fan of "Falling Skies" (which sadly will have it's final season in 2015) I am thinking of borrowing ideas from the show.

Thus I will have some bug like aliens starting the invasion, and then 'upping the ante' with a race of aliens that control the bugs.

To this end I am thinking of using the following minis for the game:

The bugs (all Rebel Miniatures):

Rebel Mini's Terror Mites - 5 in a pack
Rebel Mini's Death Striders - 10 in a pack

As the invaders in "Falling Skies" have mechs, I took a look at the Rebel Mini mechs/robots/power suit range to see what was on offer:

The HAMR suit took my fancy for the job:

HAMR recon suit

HAMR Support Suit

For the Alien race in control of the whole lot, I am looking at Khurasan Miniatures' 'Intruders':

The above pack of 'Intruders' is sold as a squad pack, but I think I will turn this in to a platoon pack, which means they will be rather powerful compared to the humans resisting their invasion.

 Khurasan Miniatures might have other figures that are useful, but the website is under maintenance and I can only look at limited ranges at the time of posting.

I also took a look at the GZG 15mm range, and would like to find some way of including the following figures, if for no other reason than they look cool:

GZG spider drones

Critical Mass Games also have some nice looking figures I could use, such as these hover drones:

and if I want to tone down the mech a little (the rebel mini's ones might be too powerful) CMG also make this:

Campaign wise, I will probably start off with the death striders as the main enemy, and when they start taking a pounding I will add the drones, then they mechs, and finally the Intruders.

So, this is all only in the planning stage.  During March I should be able to increase my budget a little to get this up off the ground, but I also want to purchase the Eureka 15mm Bushmaster vehicles for my Aussie platoon.

 If the project goes ahead (which is very likely) I will need to play test the aliens to see how they stack up against the Humans.

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Simon Quinton said...

Critical mass games has a good variety of mercs as well as Khurasan when his site is up

Shall be watching this project with interest.