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Dux Britanniarum

Yep, the more astute of you would have noticed by the title of this particular post that games of Dux Britanniarum are being planned for 2015.

 My mate is very interested in playing the game and after looking over the rules my interest was piqued.

 As I have forked out for a 20mm German Para force for Chain of Command and 15mm Modern forces for No End In Sight, I really didn't want to spend another small fortune making armies for Dux: my budget is rather tight at the moment.

 So I came up with an idea. I would create both armies needed for the game using off cuts of foam card and map pins. This is minimalistic war gaming at its best. But at least it means we can learn the rules and play some games to a) see if we like the game enough to invest in the figures needed, and b) give us both some time to save up some dollars for figures.

So this is what I have come up with:

The blue bases are the Saxons, and the red the British. Each pin represents one figure, and I have written what the unit represents to make it easier to remember what we are playing with.

 If we play the game using cms instead of inches, we can play a whole campaign in a very small area.

And should we need extra troops, then I only have to paint up some more foam card and stick pins in to it.

Just to clarify, we are only using this to test/learn the rules to make sure we want to play the game a lot before investing heavily in figures.

At this stage we are thinking of using 10mm figures for the game, as this will also allow us to keep costs down, but also play in a smaller area than we would need for much larger figures.

 I dare say many gamers would think this idea is heresy, but I honesty don't mind all that much what others think. We want to play the game and this is the fasted way we can get the project off the ground.

At this stage we haven't picked who will be commanding which side, but that gives me extra time to read the rules and do some research in to the period.


Mathyoo said...

I consider myself more a modeler than a gamer (hence I got no idea what to do with all the things I've built up and painted!), but I love this idea!

With a lot of units, it would look like a general's map and could actually come out very inviting, even if they are "just" a bunch of pins!

Shelldrake said...

I did paint up a few pieces of foam card like the military symbols they use on maps to see what it came out like.

They looked good, but a bit more effort than I wanted to do for the moment.