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Maybe a PBB ECW game?

I am thinking of running a non zombie Play By Blog game for the English Civil War.

I say thinking, as I have no idea how many of my handful of readers are interested in the ECW.

If there was enough interest I would be happy to get the game up and running.

For those wanting to know a bit more:

The rules will be the excellent set of rules that are free to download called "Victory Without Quarter" found here: PDF   (right click to save)

 As the rules use card activation it makes it easy for me to manage the battles.

 The Campaign system will be from the Wargames Foundry rules "1644".  For those without a copy (and I had to hunt down a copy that wasn't over $100AUD, which I did) I can provide details later.

 The game maps will be the Britain and the Ireland & Wales maps found here: link   (even if you don't want to play, I suggest looking at the maps and downloading them, as they are useful for all kinds of wargames set in Europe).

Starting armies: each player will need to nominate which side they want to represent: King or Parliament. If too many nominate for one side I will even things out.  Armies will be generated by myself - there is a random element to the armies, but all will have a basic number of mandatory troops in them.

Players only need to submit orders for the game turn, provide me with how their armies will be deployed on the battle field and I play out the actual battle using the game rules and the card activation system.

I them post any results and players submit new orders etc.

So, if this sounds like for you please post a comment expressing your interest in the game.

 Of course if no one is interested, I might go it on my own regardless.


cmnash said...

Hi Shelldrake, Happy New Year! I'm up for this.

Those maps you linked to are fantastic - thanks very much for the link!

Simon Quinton said...

Put me down as a maybe. Consider my interest piqued!

Shelldrake said...

I need at least two players confirmed to make the game worthwhile, and can probably accommodate four to six players without much of a problem.

If not enough blog followers are interested, I will recruit via forums.

Stuart said...

I'd be interested. I am thinking about getting into ECW anyway this year (usually play WW2 and colonials). It would be an interesting taster.

Mathyoo said...

Wow, I'd be interested as well! A great chance to learn some more about ECW as I never found myself particularly interesting, but it's actually a nice transition period as far as armies are concerned.

And cheers for the maps, they are very interesting, but my area (well, that's the one I took closer look at) is labeled all wrong :D