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A Right Bloody Mess - Australian Civil War alternative history setting

Back in January 2017 I visited Eureka Miniatures and Nic showed me a draft copy for an Australian Civil War source book called "A Right Bloody Mess".

This source book is designed to initiate the gaming setting and then let it develope as wargamers fight out battles on the table top.  It can be used in conjuntion of any set of rules, and can be played at section level right up to large battles with thousands of troops.

I took a printed flyer home with me that had some basic information printed on both sides, and I began my eager wait for the book to be published.

One year later and I purchased my copy, although the book had been released in late 2017.

As some readers might rember, I love alternative history. What is even better is alternative history involving Australia.

The Australian Civil War is set in 1933 and has Western Australia and Victoria cede from the Federation. This is amid the hotbed that are Unions, Communists, Fascists, and a multitude of factions fighting agaist anyone who opposes their goals. This is actually over simplifying it a bit.

When I first purchased my copy of the book, which Matthew very kindly autographed for me in the Eureka Miniatures shop, I fully intended to post a review on the book.

This is easier said than done. The book if jammed packed full of information that, to be honest, I find it rather difficult to know where to begin, let alone the words needed to fully express how much I like the book!

So, I will cheat.

This is a blog post from the Author listing the full contents of the book. This hopefully will give readers an idea just how much information there is:

ARBM contents

Next, here is a link to the ARBM forum section from the A Very British Civil Forum that has a review:

The War Room: A Right Bloody Mess!

If you are interested and want to start or join in a discussion on ARBM, then please visit the forum: ARBM Forum

I have started a couple of topic in the forum, but will post some of the topics here too.


Clint said...

Great title for a book/source book. From the other side of the planet that is just the kind of title one would hope for.

Simon Quinton said...

Sounds good mate. Looking forward to hearing more of it.

Barks said...

I’m also looking forward to hearing more. Hopefully this ‘new period’ gains traction.