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Australian Red Centre faction for ' Right Bloody Mess'

I have finished my first test paint for one of the 'A Right Bloody Mess' factions.

This one is from the Australian Red Centre faction, one of the few factions from within the book I am using, as opposed to ones I have created myself.

The ARC is kind of a resistance movement against the Westralia (Western Australia ceded from the Federation and took the Northern Territory).

Whilst I don't have any figures to represent Westralia, the ARC are enemies of Victoria, and they even sent troops to the NSW Riverina area, which is where I will be using them.

I used one of Eureka Miniatures 15mm WW1 British in the Sinai range, using the logic that the outback of Australia these blokes would come from would suit the uniform.

The paint was still wet when I took the photos, and I used my dodgy phone camera, thus why the image is a bit blury, but you should be able to get the idea.

I still need to varnish and base the figure.

 I really like these figures, so I am keen to finish them, and as there were some cavalry figures in the same range, I might even add to my ARC forces.


Simon Quinton said...

Looking good!

Oswald said...

Looking good. I've got a bunch of these I use for their original purpose - the camel corps would be good too.

Can't wait to get a few shekels together to grab Matthew's book.I recall many a Friday talking over this idea at Eureka - he's done such a great job.

I have a few ideas for leagues I've been mulling over. I think 15mm is the way to go - was contemplating Irregular 6mm SCW range initially - perhaps using IABSM. What rules do you plan using?

Shelldrake said...

Thanks Alan.
I am going to use 'Disposable heroes: Point Blank" to play the games at this stage, but might also try "A World Aflame" from Osprey as they appear fairly simple and easy to get in to.

Oswald said...

I'd be interested to hear how A World Aflame' goes. I've just ventured into DH and have liked the results it provides.