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'Nam project - game rules and VC figures

Of Rules

I have two sets of rules to try out for my Vietnam project: "FNG" by Two Hour Wargames, and "Disposable heroes Point Blank" by Iron Ivan Games.

 The "FNG" (first edition) rules were kindly given to me by cmnash in a figure exchange. This was done with approval from Ed from Two Hour Wargames.

 A big thanks to Colin for sending me the rules - I wasn't expecting this when we arranged to exchange some minis.
 I will give "FNG" a play test, but I am still not sold on the rules.  This might be because I want to play a team of six LRRPs which isn't really covered by the rules.
 I understand that the 2nd Edition FNG rules recently released will have a supplement allowing for the use of LRRPs, but I want to see a review before diving into getting the 2nd ed. rules and the supplements.

 Regardless of whether I use "FNG" for my games or not, there are plenty of useful charts that I can incorporate into my games.

 The other set of rules really lends itself to what I want to do with my Vietnam game: "Disposable Heroes Point Blank" from Iron Ivan Games.

 I own and have played a number of Iron Ivan Games, so I don't need to relearn the majority of the rules as they all follow the same formula (for want of a better word).

 The Good thing about "DHPB" is that it can be used for skirmish games from the early 20th Century to the Present, although I am sure it could be used for any period/setting with very little effort.

 The rules include stats for WW2, Vietnam and Modern (today's conflicts) and mentions that the rules are compatible with all of the other Iron Ivan rules.

 This means I can use them with my WW1, Pulp, and Zombie rules, as well as the supplements such as the Rhodesian Bush War "Man Among Men" book that I want for my planned African campaign.

 As I purchased "The Long Road South" Vietnam war supplement form Iron Ivan at the same time as "DHPB" I have almost every thing I need to play the game I want.

 I am currently reading over the "DHPB" book which arrived in the mail whilst I was busy with my 'military sojourn'. The more I read the rules, the more I like them, and the keener I am to get the game up and running.

 Of Figures

A week after my Iron Ivan books arrived my TAG Miniatures VC arrived in the mail.

 Thanks to the TMG poll prize I was able to get two packs for free, and I ordered three other packs at the same time, including a Mortar and crew pack.
 This gives me a full VC section/squad plus a few extras to play with.

These are the figures I now have:


 Having finished experimenting with my RLI I have started to paint my first pack of VC.  Hopefully it wont take too long to paint them up so that I can get a game up and running.

 The fantastic folk at TAG also pandered to my request and sent me the Freebie figure of the Downed Pilot. The Rambo figure also came with the pilot, but I most likely wont paint him up, and might even contemplate selling it or holding a competition and giving it away as a prize. Or even use it as part of a figure exchange is someone has something to swap.

One last bit

 As Iron Ivan games uses counters I ordered four different coloured counters from EM4 games in the UK. They might turn up next week or the week after (most likely).


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Sounds good either way. I plan to some point get a game in this year of NMRIH

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Just spotted this up on the LAF hope it might be of interest mate