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Rhodesian Light Infantry

Despite being busy these last few weeks I have managed to chip away at the hobby so to speak.

 Buoyed by my success at painting camouflage uniforms on my LRRPs I thought I would 'take a crack' at painting some Eureka miniatures Rhodesian Light Infantry that I had loitering in a draw at my painting desk.

I am fairly happy with how they came out.

I will have to take a better photo, perhaps in natural daylight, so that the cam can be seen a whole lot better than in the photo below:

The figures are a work in progress - I still need to finish off the bases, and to this end I intend to buy some grass tufts that seem to be all the rage these days on miniature bases.

Now that I am confident that I can paint the RLI figures I intend to paint up another Fire Team that I have in my draw and see if my gaming buddy is interested in gaming the Rhodesian Bush War for the African campaign that we were thinking of putting together.

I will post a better photo soon.


lrqan said...

Nice stuff. I remember a blast from my past a very interesting article in a Wargaming Mag called 'Fireforce' which captured my imagination for a couple of years. I'll try and find a link or the article for you if you want, no promises it was the '80s.

Dan said...

Great job on those!

Brummie said...

Nicely done mate I really like these figures. Your colour scheme suits them will be nice to see them finished

Shelldrake said...

Thanks Guys - hopefully a better photo graph will show the cam better.

@ Irqan - if you come across the article that would be awesome.

I am currently reading Chris Cock's book "Fireforce", but any thing else that will help would, well, be helpful :-P

As I have a number of Iron Ivan games I will take a look at their Rhodesian Bush War book too.