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'Nam project - first Viet Cong painted

Ok, so I didn't tidy up the game room as I wanted to do, but no surprise there.

It was rather hot around these parts over the weekend and with the temp around 38 degrees yesterday amd 35 degrees today (that is Celsius) I couldn't be bothered to do much.

I did finish off four of my VC figures during the cool of the morning though:

 I still need to base them, and try to get a better photo graph with the camera, but you get the general idea.


Beccas said...

Nice work Shelldrake.

Brummie said...

Nice work Mate.

The Extraordinarii said...

At least you got that done mate....my apartment was to hot to do anything, nice Vc's by the way.

David Martyn said...

I have some pics for you can`t seem to get them to you

Shelldrake said...

If you upload them to a photo hosting site and post in the link in comments section I should be able to see them.