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arrrrgh the heat

It is ridiculously hot in my part of the world this week - 40+ degrees Celsius for every day this week, and being in the plant nursery business it is even hotter in the green houses the plants are in.

 One of the green houses has reached 50 Celsius today, and as we don't have automatic watering for the nursery I get to enter this heat to water the plants every few hours or so. 

 In between fighting off heat exhaustion I have been going over some of my rules and minis and deciding what I want to do with the lead pile.

 WW2 Dogfights

I have two sets of WW2 plane combat games: CY6! and Bag the Hun, and a good handful of  1/600 planes to go with them.  I intend to keep both sets of rules and slowly work up the number of planes to what I want.

At the moment I have enough planes to play small games with a bit of variation on the plane types, but I would like to get some more to allow for a lot of variation.

 I intend to focus more on Bag the Hun, as I think I can come up with a simple solo variation on the game that wont involve me having to plot the enemy movement.

 If I can do this, I will post my idea on the blog for others to try out.

 Expect a photo of my planes soonish.

 On the Net
I also revisited a site I learnt about a few weeks ago called MiniWars.  This site has a map showing players from around the world that have registered with the site and what games they play.

 I was taking another look at it today, and either there is a glitch in the map, or a number of people have deleted their profile from the site.  A week ago there were about eight+ Aussies registered on the site, now there are only two, including myself.

I don't even live the part of Australia the number indicates!

 For some reason Europe is only showing four players, and not from anywhere else in the world. I am hoping it is a glitch.

For those interested in checking out the site, you can follow this link: Wargame Player Finder

Items for Sale

I have some Defiance games Marines and Bugs for sale if anyone is interested. The price is $60AUD plus postage for both - given that one box is $40AUD from the only place I can find selling them, I figure this is a reasonable price for figures that are almost New In Box:

 I have started making one bug, but didn't finish it, and the marines haven't been touched at all - all neatly packed in the box the way they arrived.
 I did get some extras as well that will be include in any sale.

If anyone is interested in them please let me know - I am happy to accept paypal for payment or even some swaps if you have something I am after.

More items up for sale soon...


Simon Quinton said...

Thats got to be hard to work in that kind of temp! I hate working on computers in fast food chains its hot everything is tacky to touch and I stink of greasy cooking for the rest of the day

Clint said...

We are told on the news about the heat in Oz at the moment, but only in regard of the Tennis. Obviously it impacts on most industries and individuals. Take care in the heat, remember your fluids as well as the plants.

All the best. Clint

I am tempted by the Defiance Bugs, but alas at this moment money is tight for me so I will have to decline.

Mathyoo said...

Heat is okay mate, it could always be cold. And snowing.

It's supposed to be winter here, but it's really warm and its absolutely lovely (see how British can I be?). It's like spring is here already with all the springy flowers everywhere. And ticks. I hate ticks.

I have to say I'd only be interested in a couple of the bugs, which probably isn't really helpful. You got any opinion on them?

Zabadak said...

You must e melting, I get uncomforable at about 23 deg. C.

Good luck surviving .

Shelldrake said...

23 degrees sounds lovely!

@ Mathyoo - I am happy to sell each box separately, but not parts of a box.

I might see how they go on LAF.

lrqan said...

I've a couple of mates on their way over to Aus today (going to Sydney) ones a local and the other a died in the wool Brit. I suppose he'll need his knotted hanky and his sandal socks for the the way its going there!

Shelldrake said...

This is a crazy mixed up country and the weather can be anything by the time they get here - freezing cold with rain or over the top heat... but thinking hot will work best for them.