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SAGA - my first Viking

I had been thinking about getting SAGA for a long time now, but the price vs my budget was just out of the should I / shouldn't I area.

 In October (I think) someone offered an unopened / unused copy of SAGA for sale here in Australia, so I took advantage of it to buy the rules.

 Whilst waiting for the rules I purchased a Viking Warlord figure, knowing that I could use it for the game and not go wrong with the purchase; i.e. I wouldn't be buying a figure the game didn't use.

This was my first attempt at painting a Dark Ages figure, and I am rather pleased with the results:

I also purchased some blank dice from EM4 so that I could make two sets of SAGA dice needed (but not 100% needed) to play the game:

I know I want a Viking army, but I am umming and ahing about either a Saxon or Norman army to go with it.  I am leaning towards the Saxons, as I think I can get more use form them scenario wise.

I intend to start out with a smallish Viking army and then add to it as time goes by.

The Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen box should (from what I have read) allow me to build a basic army without the need to buy too much else.

 I do want a unit of archers, so I will need to buy those sometime.

 Ultimately I am thinking of having a unit of Berserkers (four figures), a unit of Hearthguard (eight figures),  two units of warriors (2 x eight figures) and a unit of levies (12 x figures).  This will be a six point army in total.

 This of course is option to change depending on how well my intended army works out for me.

Gripping beast also make a box of Saxons, so the two boxes would let me have two opposing armies:

As one or two of my blog readers might not know too much about SAGA, I have included a youtube video that helped inform myself a great deal about the game:

 This video is part one - if you watch the video through youtube you can get the links to the other parts should you be interested enough.

As I intend to fund this project via sale of my lead pile I am not sure how soon I will have it up and running.

 In the mean time I will me playing the game using unit bases to represent my armies so I can learn the rules.


lrqan said...

A fine project sir and a very nice figure.

Clint said...

I do like the figure very much. With the exception ofArchers and Berezerkers you should get all you need from on box of Vikings. I know I easily got 3 points from 1/2 a box and passed the other sprues to a friend who did the same.

Looks like you have made an excellent start. Keep at I and you'll have two armies in next to no time.

Barks said...

I'd recommend the generic Dark Age Warriors plastics from GB. I've only used 9 of the figures (8 Hearthguard + leader) from the Hirdmen box for my Vikings- and I note that my 6-point vikings are exactly the same as yours.

Mathyoo said...

Ah, the SAGA. Plastic kits are great mate, don't be afraid to chops some things to make everything you need out of them.

Zabadak said...

Saga does seem to be flavour of the month atm, enjoy the ride.