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Bag the Hun - a campaign?

I still don't have an answer to my spotting question in regards to playing 'Bag the Hun' - players of BTH in forums and the BTH yahoo group must be on holidays, as no one has given me an answer.

 So I have decided to make an on the spot rule - both sides make a single spotting attempt at the start of the game, and if only one side passes the spotting roll then that player gets to 'come out of the sun' for the game.
 Any other result and the situation is even.

I splurged and purchased the "Finest Hour" supplement for BTH, and it was worth the $ I paid for it - it has a system for creating a squadron, battles and events, so is very useful for any WW2 BoB
setting, not just Bag the Hun.

I have a number of 1/600 scale Tumbling Dice planes already in my collection, and it will be enough to get some games going, but I will need to purchase extra planes to play the full campaign game.

I currently have (the majority still needing to be painted):

12 x RAF Hurricanes
12 x RAF Spitfires
12 x Luftwaffe Bf109s
4 x Luftwaffe Bf110s
4 x Luftwaffe Ju 87s
3 x Luftwaffe Do 17s

To complete minis needed for a full campaign potential I need to get extra Luftwaffe (Bf110s, Ju87s, Do17s, He111 and Ju88s), and I could even get some Italians to join the party if the game takes off (CR42s, G50s and BR20s).

 I don't really need them, but I could make an excuse to get some Defiants and Blenheims for the RAF.

I also created a spreadsheet for the daily squadron roster in excel: one sheet is an electronic sheet, and the other is a printable sheet.

I would offer to share it, but it seems I don't have any BTH players as followers. Still, if someone that plays BTH reads this I am happy to share it with them.


Simon Quinton said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Always fancied a dog fighting game of some sort just could never decide what gaming period to do it in.

lrqan said...

looking forward to seeing this project develop.

Clint said...

As mentioned previously we play "Check your 6" but I would be very interested in seeing how this comes out as I am not Married to the rules we use and if there is a better set I would want to see it.