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Bag the Hun - spotting and bogeys

I cleared the area I use for my gaming table and even vacuumed it so that my nice blue felt mat wont get all dirty.

I did this so I could play a game of Bag the Hun in order to learn the rules.

 So far I am not overly impressed. This is mainly due to the spotting and bogey rules.

The shear number of bogeys needed for a game doesn't work on my small playing area to start off with, and the spotting rules seem a bit half arsed and could do with a lot more information.

It is clear when spotting takes place and who can do the spotting, but what isn't clear is  can you spot only one bogey at a time, or do you attempt to spot all bogeys within a certain range and so on.

Due to this I am going to play without spotting or bogeys for my game, at least until I can get some answers to my questions.

I wasted a bit of time looking for answers on the net. TMP was closed for maintenance for what seemed like an awfully long time, the Yahoo groups suck arse big time, and no where could I find a BTH FAQ.

I will give the rules another crack over the weekend without the spotting and bogey element and see how it goes.


Clint said...

Not played Bag the hun so I can offer you no insight into the rules. We use "Check your 6". But I hope you can get an awnser soon.

Shelldrake said...

Yeah, I have CY6! as well... and thinking it might be the rules to go with.