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15mm Aussies 2

I have finished painting the first section of two fire teams, as well as the sniper & spotter.

 My apologies for the really dodgy photo. When my Mrs returns from Japan, I will borrow her camera and try to get a better photo.

I now have enough Aussies and North Koreans painted up for a "clash of clearing patrols" for want of a better term.

 I have the second section well on the way to being finished, with the third section being prepared.

 Depending on how time goes this coming week I will try to kick off my 'No End In Sight" campaign with a section vs squad game if the forests of  "Primorsky" after the North Koreans invaded the former Russian area following the departure of Primorshy Krai from Russian control*.

* see my previous post for more information on the back ground idea for this campaign:


Simon Quinton said...

Awesome. Have your read or watched Tomorrow when The War Began?

I watched the movie a few weeks ago it wasn't to bad.

I know have the books to read as well ;)

Shelldrake said...

I have seen the movie, but not read the books. I might have to see what I can find.