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Finished 15mm Modern Aussies

I finished off my Eureka Miniatures 15mm Modern Australians today:

These figures make up a complete Infantry platoon, with the following:

Rear Rank: Manoeuvre support section, made up of three Manoeuvre Support Teams, each of four diggers.

Middle Rank: Three Rifle sections, each of two four man fire teams

Front Rank:
                  Left: Explosive Detection Dog with Handler, EOD/IEDD - one disposal operative, and one with a mine detector. A sniper team in is front of them.
                  Centre: Platoon HQ
                  Right: Joint Fires Team (forward observers) of six men

The structure of the platoon allows for flexibility of using four sections, or three sections with additional fire power.

The JFT can be broken down in to three two-man teams, with two embedded in sections and one two-man team (the Officer & a sig) being attached to the Platoon HQ. Or I can just have a large FO party doing their own thing if needed.

The EDD/EOD/IEDD will be used for scenarios/mission background, and the sniper is an additional bit of support as needed.

I have an M1A1 Abrams on order from QRF, which I will (hopefully) paint up in the Australian army colours:

I intend to order two more M1s at a later date, and live in hope that someone will make the ASLAV-25 that I can use. 

 I could use the LAV-25, but there are enough differences between the two that I don't want to use the LAV-25 itself.

 I will work on getting myself from Bushmasters from Eureka Miniatures for transport for my infantry. Given the size of the platoon, I will need about five of them.

But all of that is in the future, as I need to paint my North Koreans, and then paint the QRF vehicles I have on order: the M1, a T-55 and a BRT-60.

 The BTR-60 should arrive any day, with the M1 & T-55 a few weeks behind, as I ordered them separately after QFR had a 15% discount sale that I took advantage of.

For the NKs I have two squads and some heavy weapons on the paint desk, so depending on real life, I might have them ready in a few weeks.


Barks said...

Cracking stuff!

Clint said...

Looking good. I am enjoying all this modern stuff.

Mathyoo said...

They are great! Its amazing how fast you can put a platoon together in 15mm!