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15mm Eureka Miniatures Modern Australian infantry

Yesterday I visited Eureka Miniatures and purchased some 15mm Aussies for my 'No End In Sight' campaign that I am planning.

 I purchased a whole platoon, plus some extras, like a sniper team, an IED disposal team and a six man Joint Fires Team (Forward Observer party).

The platoon TO&E is based on up to date lines: three sections of two four-man fire teams, and three four-man manoeuvre support teams (MST).  This allows for flexible deployment, and I can either have three heavy sections of three fire-teams, or a platoon of four sections, one of which had three four-man fire-teams with heavy weapons.

Each normal section has a Team leader with rifle, a Grenadier with Rifle/GLA, a LSW Gunner and a Marksman, although I gave the marksman a SRAAW for extra fire power.

Each MST has a Team leader, a GMPG gunner, a Sharpshooter and a "Grenadier" with a 84mm Carl Gustav.

If Eureka made a figure manning an automatic grenade launcher, I would have purchased three of them for the MST - the idea being the grenadier can exchange the 84mm with the AGL depending on what the mission is.

I would love to have some mortars with crew and a few other bits and pieces too.

I want to get three or four Bushmasters from Eureka as well; I intended to get them, but my budget wasn't able to cater for them as well on the day.

 Above is my Platoon HQ: Left to right, rear to front are: Platoon Commander, Sig, Medic and Platoon SGT.

 I am very happy with the way they have come out, and they are surprisingly easy to paint. The platoon HQ is waiting for a few coats of varnish, and I will post more photos when they have been completely finished.


Mathyoo said...

Great project, I am looking forward to see them all done.

I can totally understand the wish for AGL, it's same here. And .50 cals!

Clint said...

The figures look good. I shall enjoy following your progress.

Simon Quinton said...

A great start mate. Shall look forward to seeing these finished. I wonder if there are 15mm PLA could do a Tomorrows War scenario with the invasion of Australia!

Shelldrake said...

Rebel Minis does some PLA, and Eureka has PLA in their '300 club', so there is some potential for a Tomorrows War scenario