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A forums rant (boo) and The Wargames Website (yay)

 The Rant

It seems that a few of the forums I visit are getting 'silly' as it were.

Not mentioning names, but one of them has been going down hill (in my opinion) for a while now, with some post bordering on excessive spam and a bit of mudslinging going on. More than a few members have voiced their displeasure with this forum and left, or limited their posting there.

And now I learn that one of my favourite forums has now banned any topic post 1989 when it comes to modern warfare. Like - WTF? 

It appears that this descission stops any forum members from posting topics or images from anything post 1989. This means I can't show off my 15mm Modern Aussies, or my Modern North Koreans... or ....  yeah, you get the idea.

This sucks for gamers and traders alike, for it seems they can't display anything with a modern context.

No longer are modern 'imaginations' or 'what-ifs' allowed there, because it seems it will offend someone.  Again, like - WTF?

It seems that the world needs to eat a few spoons of cement and harden the F**K UP.

rant over. Now on to the good part:

A good few weeks ago now I found a link in a fellow blogger's web site for a new forum for wargaming called 'The Wargames Website'.

So far this have been a very friendly forum, with most members enjoying things to do with war gaming (shock gasp!).

I have been making some posts there in relation to my 15mm Modern project, and the creator of the "No End In Sight" rules frequents there, so it has been useful to visit to ask questions or pimp projects.

For those that haven't heard of this new forum, please click on the link below.

The Wargames Website


Clint said...

I understand and agree with your rant.

But that me wonder about a few things. Is 5 years from now wargames Scie fi? If not how far in the future becomes acceptable?

Does the ban also include modern horror games like zombie games? That may be set 28 days in the future.

It all seems a bit luke warm politically correct to me. But hey their forum, their rules.

Just my 7.62mm

Zabadak said...

Interesting decision by whichever board you're talking about, though I
considered "Modern" as WW1 up to the Korean war and after that it was "Ultra-Modern" (i.e. contemporary).
It was thought as pretty bad form to "play" a game within a generation of it occurring so I can also see the boards pov (though I don't agree with it).

Mathyoo said...

I was really disappointed by banning ultramodern gaming there as well.
I understand how mods want to be on the safe side, but this is like banning any modern action movies.

I've been doing a lot on my ultra modern project and I really can't understand what seems to be the problem. I don't associate WW2 games with atrocities and I simply do not connect gaming to the real life events. It's a muddy field, of course, but gaming Victorian era could as easily be defined as propagating imperialism in that context.

Cheers for the forum link, I will check it out!

Michael said...

Glad you like TWW.