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last post was in February?!

Wow, I didn't realise that my last post on this blog was so long ago.

Rather that go over every thing I mentioned in my zombie blog, you can read it here to catch up:


For non zombie things wargame wise, I have also been chipping away at a few projects, but really need to get some paining done.

I have a number of 15mm aliens for a too-close encounter of the third kind with my modern Aussies.

 The figures I have added to this are some Khurasan aliens (which are based and prepped) and some bug aliens from Rebel Minis.

I have some 28mm Mud Men for playing Pulp Alley, and a few French and Indian war figures for the same reason... only a F&IW setting, not a Pulp setting :-P

 On a totally different tangent, I picked up a copy of Star Wars X-wing yesterday. Having played Wings of War I was only too happy to make the move across the the Star Wars version of the game.

 I downloaded the solo play app from Google play to help play some games when I need to play the game solo, which might be a lot more that one would think the way this year is going.

 I am also seriously thinking of doing a play by blog X-wing game.

FFG has an online tool for creating your own scenarios, and I am fairly sure I could use this with a play by blog game.

By not publishing the scenario editor I should be able to go back in and keep adjusting things on the board.
Players could email me their turns and I post the results on my blog.  Each player would need a copy of the rules, but I think it could be done.

Edit - I meant to include this video of the x-wing mission editor for others to look at:


Clint said...

If you do a Play By Blog game, count me in! Some interesting stuff on the way by the sounds of it.

Shelldrake said...

No worries Clint, you are in.

I am thinking of making it a one on one game just to test if it can be done, and if it actually works.

If I get one more person that is interested I can start preparing for the game.

sevenbastard said...

I would be down, i have been wanting to try a play by e mail version of this game. I own the box but have never played.