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X-wing - giving movement orders

I just realised that movement orders for the x-wing PBB will need to be given in a way that is easy enough for everyone to understand.

Thus I am posting the following image with an explanation on how to give orders:

Each player gives their movement as a two figure number. The first number is the line (1 to 4 for the x-wing and 1 to 5 for the tie fighter in the image above).  The second number will be the column (left to right) to use for the movement.

 Thus the Tie fighter has a 51 to represent the top line and the only column in that row, which is a 5 straight move.  A 31 = line 3 and column 1 is a left hand turn.  a 42 is a speed 4 koiogran turn.

Thus a player only needs to type a short email for their turn.

Example: X-wing player sends: 32, target nearest enemy, focus.

Hopefully this is easy enough.

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