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X-wing stuff

I have managed to play a game of x-wing by myself using an app on my new smart phone (yes, I am starting to use technology!) that is the app version of a set of solo rules.

 The app was very useful and helped to learn the rules.

I also picked up an A-wing and a Tie Interceptor to add to the collection, so I now hav a few more options for a play by blog.

With the play by blog - I have two players I need to test play a game, but I think using the mission editor might be unusable due to not having the turning templates at part of it - any movement I change on the playing area would be guesstimation only.

What I can do is set a game up on a portable table and take photos for folks to look at and then have the players submit their turns and what they want to do with tokens for that turn etc.

Ships I can use for the game, and thus ships players need in order to be able to submit orders etc are:

X-Wing (basic box set) x1
A-Wing (add on pack) x1
Tie Fighter (basic box set) x2
Tie Interceptor (add on pack) x1

Players can chose from those ships for the game.

Clint - I have your email/you have mine to use for sending orders for the game, but I need "sevenbastard"'s email. - if 'sevenbastard' could let me know his email I can see about starting a game.

Clint - as you were first to put your hand up, do you want to play Rebel or Empire?

Once I have everybody's email I will contact them in regards to setting up the game.


sevenbastard said...



looking forward to it.


Simon Quinton said...

I shall look forward to following this :)