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X-wing PBB update and the rules for the PBB

 X-wing PBB update:

Rather than take up my usual wargaming area I have dusted off an old card table that is just under the recommended 3' x 3' playing area for X-wing, and as I wanted to make the game look a bit better, I ordered a black piece of cloth via ebay to go over it.

 With any luck, the cloth will arrive next week.   Once that is done I anticipate the game can start with a minimum of delay.

In the mean time, here is an image I found on the interweb to make this post a little less boring:

How the game will work/play out:

Each player will be contacted via email to get the information on which ship/pilot/upgrade they will use for the game.

The scenario being played will be a 'chance encounter' with ships being set up on opposing sides and they will 'have at it'.

The game will continue until one side either moves their ship(s) off the playing area or all of their ship(s) are destroyed.

Once I have set up the game I will post a photo of the playing area on my blog.

Each player is to then email me with there manoeuvres and actions for the turn.

I will then move the ships according to the player's direction, as per the rules and post the results along with photos of the movement phase, the combat phase and the end phase showing all dice rolls etc used with each phase.

Once a turn is over, players then submit new orders and the process begins again until someone wins.

With only two players I envisage that the game can be played as fast as players submit turns. Thus if players take their time to give me their orders I will wait for a week before pushing on with the turn... unless informed as to a delay by a player (to allow for real life situations).

IMPORTANT - I will automatically conduct combat unless told not to do so for a turn.  I will also automatically modify attack dice based on any actions submitted by a player unless they instruct me to do otherwise.

 The attacker will always use a target lock and a focus when attacking unless I am instructed to keep the focus to modify defence dice for that turn.

The defender will always spend a focus and evade to modify dice unless I am directed otherwise.

If any player gives an order that is illegal I will modify the move to the next closest matching move if possible, and if a move will take them off the table I will modify the move to keep them on the table unless it is mentioned in an email that the player wants a ship(s) to exit the playing area.

Any questions?