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My painting desk

I mentioned over on my Zombie blog that I needed to tidy up the area I paint my minis in.

Despite I thought I had tidied it not so long ago time plays tricks on our minds and before I knew it my work area was in a disgraceful state:

A quick clean up later and it looks like this:

And I thought I would post another photo showing what is on the desk:

My to do pile contains figures I intend to paint soonish. Some sooner than later. At the moment the pile has my TAG Viet Cong Figures and some 15mm Napoleonic British.

 I have a variety of tools, pens/pencils and brushes to do different jobs.

Half done figures has some of the aforementioned 15mm Napoleonic British, and a few bits and pieces for other games.

The Old paint pile is my old paint pile from before I learnt about the existence of Vallejo paints.

Painting Record - I now keep a book at hand for keeping notes on which paints I use for uniforms etc.  It is very useful for when you go back to paint the same uniform again - it means you don't have to relearn which colours to use all over again.

Work in progress - the figures I am working on at the moment. To the front are the VC figures I am completing the basing on, and the behind them (in front of the paints) are the VC I am painting up now.

Stuff for basing is basically a couple of types of filler products I put on the bases of my figures when needed.

Tube Paint - I buy artists paints for colours I use a lot, like black, and for things like undercoating and bases as it is cheaper and saves wasting the better paints I have.

Sample paint pots - I use these for scenery. A cheap sample pot from the hardware store is great for painting up scenery.

Main paint stash - my Vallejo paints, plus a few other odds and ends thrown in.

Unfinished model building - I think this is over two years old now, and I haven't finished it :-(

Varnish for figures - I am using a liquid varnish that I paint on to my figures. This varnish is what they use in the art galleries to protect the paintings from the effects of sunlight etc.  I use the matt varnish, but it comes out a bit shiny. I would hate to see what the gloss is like.


Dan said...

It always feels good to clean up the work area.

Adam said...

It feels much better on the mind to work in a clean area. I'm always in a mess.

Bard said...

Nothing like a clean work space!

Clint said...

The first photo has a very familure and comforting look to it.

Brummie said...

At Least you have a work area tidy or not!

LOL @ Clint bit like your shed then.

lrqan said...

Too neat by half!

Lord Siwoc said...

Way to neat...

I will give it a week...TOPS!

Beccas said...

It's too clean now. I have to take a pic of mine one day.

The Extraordinarii said...

Nicely done, BUT, messy is best .... :)

Zombie Ad said...

A tidy desk is a tidy mind. It has to be done every now and then.

Jim Casey said...

My table hasn't been cleaned since
the Reagon took office