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Well, I guess Matakishi's Crom rules tempted me more than I thought, as two figures arrived in the mail today after I searched the internet for suitable figures to represent Conan and Red Sonja.

 Apparently both figures are no longer sold in shops - you have to buy them direct from Reaper Miniatures as they are OOP.

 I was lucky enough to find an ebay store that was selling both of these figures so I jumped on the chance to get them.

The sword on my Conan figure is bent in the package, and both figures have a bit of flash to clean up, but these things are not really a problem.

Hopefully the next time I show these figures they will be painted (fingers crossed).

Now I need to rustle up some opponents for Conan. I am still trying to decide which country within Hyboria. Hard to make my mind up, but I am having fun reading my old Conan books to help me decide.

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