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Pirates arrrrgh!

In my pile of lead are a number of pirate figures. Some are the original wargames foundry miniatures and the majority are Eureka Miniatures when they initially came out. I painted a couple of figures, but the majority are unpainted (as usual).

I am seriously thinking of starting up with pirates again, as I think Matakishi's  "Crom" rules will be perfect for pirate games.

I have enough figures to get a game going provided I play pirate crew vs pirate zombies and or skeletons.

 What I want to do is have enough variety to play any kind of game:

          vs Soldiers/Sailors (French/English/Spanish) using War of Spanish Succession figures

          vs undead (Zombies and Skeletons)

          vs other pirates

         vs Natives (cannibals or many other types)

         vs Sea Monsters

Q:  What else have I not thought about for opponents for my pirates?


Pirates: Eureka Miniatures, Foundry, Brigade Games, Black Cat Bases, Black Scorpion, Reaper, Artizan, Crusader(?)

Soldiers: Front Rank Miniatures, Black Cat Bases, Wargames Factory (soon to be released plastic)

Undead: Eureka, Foundry (I think?)

Natives: Eureka, Reaper, Copplestone

Sea Monsters: Black Cat Bases

Q: What other figures have I missed?

Ooooh - I just found this site that has a guide to Pirate figures :-D  Pirate Guide

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