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Witchfinder General

I have always wanted to play a witchfinder game - I have a couple of figures stashed away somewhere in case I ever managed to get this project up and running.

 I learnt today that a set of rules for playing witchfinder games is being released on 31 Oct this year:

Witchfinder General

I was looking for a book to read on the Book Depository site and found you can pre-order it for 25% cheaper than the price shown on the Dashing Dice site, and they have free P&P as well.

Anyone else interested can place their order here: book depository


cmnash said...

Cool! How did you stumble across that?! I'm glad that you did though!

Strangely it shows as £18.11 at the book depository for me - more than the £15 on its own site; but on Amazon.co.uk it is £11.25 so I think I'll get it now

I hope it's as much fun as I think it could be! Time to watch some Hammer films for inspiration!

Shelldrake said...

I think I came across this after someone posted it on the lead adventure forum, and then later on TMP.

I can't explain the price difference - unless it is because I don't have to pay VAT?

shintokamikaze said...

that game looks cool, i have a lot of fantasy scenery that would work well in that game, i allso want to get some of the reaper werewolf figs, i will put the rules on my crimbo list