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Crom play test - Samurai style

 I play tested a game of "Crom" using some unpainted minis (so what :-P ), a few pieces of scenery and an imaginary river (I need to make some scenery!)

I used a 60 cm X 60 cm playing area on a purpose built table for one of my scenery tiles and this area played o.k. for a seven minis per side game. I think I could easily push it to ten or maybe twelve figures per game in this playing area, but I feel it might get crowded after that.

The game plays very quickly - and while it might seem simplistic at first I found I needed to put a bit more thought in to what I do as going all out in attack leaves that attacker defenceless to other attacks that most likely will follow.

The initiative system works well, but then as it is card based activation (unless dice are used to help win the initiative) I am probably biased in this regard. I enjoy card based activation systems the most of all.

The rules state that characters figures can move through friendly figures. Some how I had it in my head that this applied to all friendly figures, but if only characters can do this then it is much better.

 As you will see from the photos allowing minions to move through friendly figures reduces the tactical advantage of controlling a bottle neck.

 Combat is quick and nasty - a minion can die with one hit, and the survivor more likely than not will be left open for a defenceless attack as mentioned above.

The game certainly needs a good scenario with objectives. A straight out battle is one thing, but being able to or being forced to use characters to meet objectives will turn it in to a whole different game.

Overall I enjoyed this game and the rules very much. Simple with enough thought needed to tactics.

I think this set of rules would lend itself to projects that have been in the back of my mind that I want to play very much: Viking, Greek Mythology, Pirates and a Pulp game to name a few.

I wonder if they would work for zombie games....

The set up: each side has 1 character, a 2IC and 5 minions.

The first combat on the bridge

The enemy minion suffered badly at the hands of the tougher good guy...

... but was left defenceless against the enemy character who cleaved him in half.

Clash of characters - the blue ronin winning out.

The monks start to mop up the last resistance 

Victory went to the monks and the blue ronin.


cmnash said...

Thanks for the review Shelldrake. I've some 40mm greeks for a skirmish mythology game and have been looking for some rules, so this is helpful - thanks again!

Shelldrake said...

Would those 40mm figures be the Spartan Games ones?

I have been drooling over those since they came out.

cmnash said...

Some of them are Spartan Games, and I fell in love with them when they first appeared too. I eventually saw Stafford Games were selling some discounted so cracked and bought them at a convention. I also got some from Old Glory Uk from the Romanoff Range:

I'll try and get some photos up on my blog as an FYI