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PIWLTD #2: 18th Century Smugglers

Wargames foundry make some excellent figures that lend themselves to some potential wargames that would interest me very much.

 By mixing a few different figure ranges I have often though how a smuggler game set in coastal England would be fun to play and allow for some very interesting scenery such as beaches with cliff faces and caves with secret tunnels in them.

The smugglers would go up against military figures from the Seven Years War range, and the following seem to be the best to use for such a game:

 Wargames foundry did have a smuggler pack (code CIV07), but it is listed as currently unavailable on their web site. I found a image on a Japanese web page of all places:

And you can vary the games you play by adding in Highwaymen (another project I started ages ago but never went anywhere with it):

 Front Rank Miniatures make SYW British and 18th Century civilians that I could also use:

There is also plenty of information in books and on the web to assist in putting this game together.

 Some resources on the web are:

 Smugglers and Wreckers

The main reason this is only a PIWLTD is due to the cost of the foundry miniatures - a single pack cost anything from $18 - $24AUD without postage.

 I could use the Front Rank figures as the main troops and add a couple of Foundry packs in, which would save a lot of money, but at this stage this will remain a PIWLTD.

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