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My Nihon project

Rather than post what I would like to do, I thought it might be a nice change to post what I am actually doing :-P

I started this a few years ago but depression and a painting block sort of saw it being stored in a draw for future times.

 The project was rekindled after reading Matakishi's set of rules called "Crom". The rules are designed for Conan wargames, but lacking a set of figures for this setting (hmm - a lurking project maybe?) I decided to try the rules out using my small collection of Samurai, Ninja and Sohei. I also have some Ikko-Ikki (which I intend to use as bandits) and civilian types.

The main figures I have come from Kingsford Miniatures and Perry Miniatures. Museum Miniatures do figures, but I can't load their web site at the moment to provide a link, or check to see what figures they have. I seem to remember they have some useful figures for what I want to do with my project.

(Edit: I can now access the Museum Miniatures site - maybe they were down for maintenance)

 If more companies made Mythological Japanese creatures I would include these into the game as well.

 Dixon Miniatures has a reasonable range, but many don't have photos on their website, and I like to see what I am ordering.

 I did order an Oni from a relatively new company called Riceball Miniatures, so I will use this figure when it arrives.

Scenery wise I have a Torii gate, a bridge and some nice trees that were custom made just for this project.  These are made by Fenryll but I actually ordered the Torii and Bridge through Spirit Games in the UK and saved a lot on the price.

I would really love to get some of the Oshiro range of resin buildings, but the bigger buildings are a bit pricey thanks to the exchange rate at the moment.

I will be playing a test game of Matakishi's rules this afternoon and maybe post some thoughts on the rules and how the game played.


cmnash said...

Looks good Shelldrake. I've not heard of most of the companies you've linked, so plenty of browsing for me!

Shelldrake said...

I have added the link to Museum Miniatures... and I am unhappy to see they don't accept paypal either.

Not to worry - most of the 28mm samurai range appears to by un-available at the moment.

Gnotta' said...

Looking forward for this project.
If you're looking for inspiration, go take a look at the Angry lurker Blog, he's got an impressive collection of samurai related miniatures and scenery (makes me drool everytime I look at them!! ;) )