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I won something!

I was visiting The Miniatures Page this morning and noticed that I have until Monday the 9th of Jan to send a PM to the editor to claim a prize for voting on a poll there.

 I only vote in the polls that have some meaning for me, and only comment on them very occasionally.

But my luck was in, as I was able to claim a $10USD voucher from The Assault Group - what perfect timing, as I wanted to order some VC.

 I might have to hold off the order until the voucher process is set up, but that is ok, as I just spent a small fortune on Doctors bills, x-rays and medication. It seems I have arthritis in my neck :-(

 Besides, the little wait gives me time to work out exactly what minis I want to order.


cmnash said...

Bad news about the athritis matey, but Woo-hoo!! good news on the win. Always good to hear/read when something nice happens to a friend

Brummie said...

Congrats Ian enjoy planning your spend

The Extraordinarii said...

LOL nice win, when ur lucks in its in!