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'Nam project - a bomb crater

As I have mentioned in two previous posts I have been wanting to make a bomb crater for my LRRPs to visit as part of a BDA (Bomb Damage Assessment) Mission.

 Last night I started to make the crater, and I finished it this afternoon.

 And to give it some perspective as to its actual size I took a photo with the 28mm figures in and around the crater:

 I tried to highlight and shade the crater to give it more dimension, but I am thinking of reducing the shading, at least a little.

I am toying with the idea of making a rice paddy next.


Brummie said...

it looks good. I'd just give another light drybrush to blend the colours

Shelldrake said...

Spreading the lighter colour out wider? Or try to work the colours in to each other?

It is the first time for this kind of thing, so not sure on what is best.

The Extraordinarii said...

The high points are usually the highlights and the recesses are the shaded part, I would prob add some stones and grit for texture around the outside of the expl area and use multiple browns for colour blended in.... hope that helps

Luckyjoe said...

That's a big crater! Very impressive. Perhaps the color is a little too uniform, but that will be easy for you to fix. The shape is great.

Brummie said...

I meant light as in gently drybrush
so as to blend the colours more

Beccas said...

i like it. The Aussie sun will soon bleach it.