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Vietnam War Project - planning the enemy troops Part 3

So what does all this mean?

 Initially I want to build up a VC Local/Main force enemy up to the size of platoon. Any bigger than that and my LRRPs will need reinforcements, which isn't off the cards.

 I would like a hamlet sized village guerrilla force, but as LRRPs don't go and search hamlets and villages, I would mostly use these VC as random encounters, or as part of a scenario where they might be needed.

 I also want an NVA force up to platoon strength, but that can take second place as I want the NVA involvement to be part of a tactical build up in the campaign.

Campaign system and Rules

For the campaign I will be running my LRRP team and sending them on mission types determined by dice rolls.

 The level and type of enemy activity will be random, with modifiers based on how active the LRRPs are and the tempo of the game.

 No matter what rule system I use for the game I intend to use a card activation system for initiative which will allow me to include random events and other interesting encounters.

 I am interested in THW's FNG rules, but need to wait for the second edition to be released; plus I would like some more info on the rules first.

 Iron Ivan have a Vietnam war supplement, but I don't own the rules the supplement is intended for, but I do own other rule sets by Iron Ivan, so I could just tinker with the ones I have and see how it goes.

What Next?

I need to make up some scenery, my game cards, draw up my charts, and of course buy my enemy forces.

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