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'Nam traps

I wanted to make some scenery for my 'Nam game and thought some traps might make for some interesting pieces of scenery.

 The first one I made was a punji pit trap. I actually raised the trap up above 'ground level' so that I could add the stakes into the pit.

 I think it worked out rather nicely, and when you look at it from above the games table it looks ok.

 Next I went on to bigger things.

 While the punji trap probably took 10 or 15 mins to make, excluding drying time, the next one took a bit longer.

 I used an old CD as a base, covered it with masking tape so it would take paint easier, and then made some trees and strung 'grenades in tin cans' trap between two of the trees.

 Initially I only made the two trees, but Mrs Shelldrake said it didn't look very much like a jungle, so I added four extra trees. The grass, fern and rocks were added in the original build, and I positioned the new trees around them.

 All in all, I am very happy with what I have built, and if readers think it worth while I might even post a tutorial on how I made the traps.

Clicking on the images should offer a bigger view for those wanting to take a closer look at what I have made.

Oh, as as you can see, I finished basing the LRRPs too.


The Extraordinarii said...

Excellent idea mate, really like how they look, but how are they going to work within a game if you can see them ??

lrqan said...

They are neat I like them alot. Got me thinking to maybe making some working models, deadfall traps and the like. Clever.

Brummie said...

They look rather good mate. Have you thought of using perhaps tokens or counters to represent the traps. Then rolling when the patrol enters the vicinity of a counter to see what sort of trap it is?

Shelldrake said...

How do they work?

Not sure yet, but I am toying with the idea of placing them on the table if a 'trap encounter' is found on the random event/encounter system I will use.

@Brummie - sort of what I am thinking myself. My scenic pieces would only be placed after a trap is found.

cmnash said...

Well done Shelldrake, and I think Mrs SD was probably right - bit hard to tell as I didn't see them without the extra trees!

A working deadfall as suggested by Irqan would be fantastic, but, perhaps, a bit tough on the figures?

Shelldrake said...

Thanks CM :-)

Yep, Mrs SD thought it looked heaps better with the extra trees too.

I am working on a new trap - hopefully I will finish it today and post photos asap.

The way I am going with these scenic traps I will have more traps than normal scenery! :-P