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I started out painting my 1:600 planes, and my gold fish like mind ended up doing something totally different, and something I have struggled with for a long time.

 I started experimenting with cammo uniforms on a LRRP figure that I had no intention of actually using. I have eight LRRP figures, and only want six to make my LRRP team.

 After trying a few different colours and persevering with the trial despite my initial thoughts I ended up with some thing that was acceptable.

 I didn't paint their faces in cam, as this looked totally naff but I am very happy with the results, and I am encouraged as this should help when it comes to the modern African imagi-nation when it comes to painting British uniforms.

Left to right: Assistant team leader, JNR RTO, Team Leader, SNR RTO, SNR Scout, JNR Scout.

Rear shot of the team - not the different coloured smoke grenades on the SNR RTO

 Some references show LRRPs in Tiger Stripe cams, but I intend to leave that uniform to SEALS should I ever built a SEAL Team.

 I did want to add an antenna to the SNR RTO, but feared damaging the figure. That and I didn't have any suitable wire with which to make it.

Next is to base the figures.

I also found a few of the Eureka minis VC, but they are too small to use with the TAG minis.  Even though the Vietnamese were small against the Western troops, the difference is like using 20mm figures with 28mm figures.

 So, I will start to get some TAG VC and NVA, and use some other ranges that I understand are compatible.

Oh, and I have almost finished my jets too.


Brummie said...

They look great Ian, I too like the Eureka ones but had heard they where smaller.

Shelldrake said...

The Eureka figures are fantastic - I have a number of the Vietnam war Aussies and some VC, so maybe I will do two Vietnam war games seeing as Eureka and TAG figures don't mix too well.

Brummie said...

I had thought to use em as special forces for my kkbb games but then decided to get the Gripping Beast stuff instead

Shelldrake said...

Lovely figures but they are a good head shorter than the KKBB figures, so you might have been disappointed.

Which is a huge pity as the Eureka figures are fantastic.