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'Nam scenic traps - to build

I am already planning my next trap build, only I have to wait for some parts before I can go ahead.

I have two mortar bomb traps planned - one is a dropping mortar round, and the other is a trip wire connected to a mortar round, as seen below:

Thanks to a reply to a question I asked on TMP I was able to locate some mortar rounds so I could make my traps.

GW makes a sprue of parts for their 40K game, and I was able to locate the sprue going cheat on ebay:

 I ordered two sprues of them, and when they arrive I can start work on the traps.

In the mean time, I bought some cheap MDF sheets (two 60 x 60 cm and one 60 x 120 cm) that I can use for basing bigger pieces of scenery on, and or even make roads or rivers with.


Brummie said...

nice find on the bits look forward to seeing some more traps

The Extraordinarii said...

The motor rounds look great shelldrake, I look forward to seeing how you do this one.