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'Nam traps part 2

I was going to make a totally different Vietnam war 'scenic trap' to the one seen here, but as you can tell, my creativeness went is a different direction.

 I have absolutely no idea how big I should make this trap as all the reference I had was a drawing and an explanation of how the trap worked. I didn't have dimensions to work with, so I guessed it all.

I decided to hide the bamboo poles in long grass, and I will surround this trap with other long grass so it wont look so obvious.

 I actually made the grass myself using an idea I came up with, and I am very happy with how it worked.

I bought a cheap paintbrush for $1 and used it to brush the colour I wanted the grass to be through out the brush. I didn't wash it and let it dry.

 Once it had dried I cut the bristles to the desired length and glued them to the base.

 The type of brush is a wide one like you would use around the house to paint walls etc, and I bought one with light coloured bristles so the colour I wanted will stand out.

 I am thinking of getting another brush and using dark brown on it to make grass covered roof huts.


The Extraordinarii said...

Wow, this looks so cool, how does it work ? chopper lands on it ? what if part of the trap got disturbed would it all go off ? i know a lot about the war but not much on the booby trap side of things.

Shelldrake said...

The idea was the helicopter touched the trip wires while landing, the grenades then fell out and detonated.

The shrapnel could mess up the helo and or the people getting in or out.

Shelldrake said...

in regards to the if it would go off...

The grenades were in tin cans, I i guess the pins had to be removed, so I would assume they would go off if the grenades came out of the tins were disturbed.

Brummie said...

Very cool. I was wondering what sort of trap it was but explained in the comments. Very cool perhaps add some palm leaves to the top of the bamboo poles

Salacious Crumb said...

like the look of this organic scenery.
I came across this site and thought it might interest you:

Shelldrake said...

Thanks Salacious Crumb - some very good ideas on that site.

I have some of the 'elephant grass' already, but the other items on the page are great, and i should be able to convert some of the 20mm Vietnam items into 28mm.

Very helpful - thank you!

Beccas said...

That looks really good Shelldrake.