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'Nam project - VC markers

I knocked up something fairly simple this time - VC markers that I can use as 'blinds' during a game.

Rather than place figures on the table I will place one of these flags and when they are within spotting range I will determine what they are. The marker could be a lone VC, an RPG team, a whole section, or nothing at all.

Each one will move as if it is an actual VC until such time as they are spotted.

I can also use them as VC objective markers if the need should arise.

I was able to avail upon the use of a colour printer to help with this little build, and I cut cocktail sticks in half and glued them to bases I had made out of card board.

A bit of sand, paint and flock later and they were ready.

I have some NVA markers to make as well, but they will come later.


Brummie said...

Cool I like the Blip idea

cmnash said...

Simple, yet perfect! Nice Shelldrake. I've used civilian figures for 'unknowns' with my 10mms

Shelldrake said...

Civilians is a good idea for 'unknowns' too.

Once I have my VC and NVA figures I am going to get some civilians for scenarios, so I might use them the same way.