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Battle Royale

The other week I watched a Japanese movie called "Battle Royale". I enjoyed it a lot and it captivated my imagination.
 I liked it so much that I ordered the novel that the film was based on. Fortunately for me it has been translated into English, as I can only read a few words in Japanese. It is a good read and I find it hard to put down at times.

 The basis behind the story is a world that is totally different to that we live in where Governments has so much control that they have created a 'Program' under the guise of a Military Experiment that forces a school class to fight each other to the death.

 It has been mentioned that this is a modern "Lord of the Flies" but I don't think this is true. For starters there isn't enough time for the 'participants' to form clans or tribes.

 I wont spoil too much and give the plot/story away, but it has seeded an idea for a wargame with each player  fighting on an island where there can be only one survivor. It might even be great for a play by blog game with players initially submitting map moves and then playing out a battle the way I did with my zombie PBB game.

 With all orders being secret from other players it has the potential for being quite interesting, with plenty of paranoia and any thing could happen.

For those interested enough wanting to learn more about "Battle Royale" they can visit the wiki links provided below:

The Novel wiki link

The Film wiki link

The Manga wiki link

I have also included some you tube links to help give people a visual idea of how the 'Project' works.:

 If there is enough interest in readers to play a Play By Blog game based on "Battle Royale" I will seriously go about collecting a range of figures, scenery and paranoia to get it up and running.


Brummie said...

Sounds good mate. I'd be up for it

The Extraordinarii said...

I watched this movie quite a few years ago, was enjoyable but a little hard to swallow, I believe there are a number of sequal, good find.

lrqan said...

I've always had a thing for Japanese cinema, 7 Samuari & all that. I'll look out for this it seems right up my street. Cheers for the tip.