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'Nam project - high speed trails

Instead of playing my next game of Point Blank I wanted to create some more scenery.

 As one of the missions the LRRPs can go on involves paths or trails, I decided to make myself a modular trail.

 At first I contacted companies in Australia that sell laser cut MDF for wargamers to ask if they can cut me some MDF to the sizes I wanted, but business must be so good that they don't need customers, as not one of them bothered to reply.

 So, armed with my woeful ability at wood work and a bench saw, I proceeded to cut some MDF I purchased to what I hoped would be usable for my paths.

I cut the straight sections first, and then after a few no so good ideas I came up with some bend pieces that would allow for more than a straight track.

 I glued sand over the path area and then painted the whole lot.  Once the paint was dry I flocked the edges of the paths.

I don't intend to glue any scenery to the sides of the paths, but I will make small scenery that can be placed on top of them instead, thus allowing for a lot more flexibility with how I use them. An example of this can be seen at the bottom of the photo

 I am fairly happy with the results, and by making some intersections and some more straights (some of different lengths) I am sure I can come a fairly good collection of paths or trails for my games.


Bard said...

You did a great job with those trail sections -- they look awesome!

The Extraordinarii said...

Really nice work Shelldrake, path turned out well, are you planning on painting any US Marines / Army or ARVN or even Local Force VC (look more like civies)??

Keep up the good work you have encouraged me to start prep and basing my Nam Figures !

Its time to go 'In Country!'

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

@Extraodinarii - I once I have done the NVA I am thinking of doing some US Army as a reaction force for the LRRPs, but I am toying with the idea of painting up some US Marines as Koreans (ROK).

I will use some of my VC as Local Force and maybe even supplement them with an extra pack or two of older style weapons.

I will look forward to seeing what you come up with for your games... I might even be able to borrow some ideas ;-)

Beccas said...

Great looking trail Shelldrake. Looks the goods.

lrqan said...

Very good. I think they really look the part. I may give this a go for my own projec,time permitting.

Barks said...

You're right, there's a niche available for lasercut tracks/ trails that the gamer can otherwise pave/ modify/ convert to waterways/ railways etc.

Brummie said...

Looks Great mate really looks effective and does the part. Good Idea to keep them more modular will get more use out of them that way