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'Nam project - VC finished

For the first time in my wargaming history I have actually finished painting all of the figures for a project that I own.

 Having said that, I need to buy more figures for the project.

 Over the last couple of weeks I have been focusing a bit of time on painting up my VC figures and here is the end result:

The top row is the original figures I finished painting.

The second row down has LMG gunners and RGPs (two of each) and next to them on the right are VC with AK47s.

 The bottom rank has VC with carbines on either flank with a Mortar and crew in the middle.

 When I was working out my forces I discovered that if I had purchased one more pack of VC figures I would have been able to field two squads of VC!

 As I want to buy some NVA next I will purchase an extra pack of VC, as well as a HMG and crew to go with them.

Not only have I finished my VC, but I have also finished a couple of extra figures for use in scenarios:

A reporter and a downed pilot. I ended up painting the pilot fairly generic as I struggled to find any clear photo of what the uniform/gear would look like, and I went for an olive drab helmet rather than a colourful pilots helmet so that I could use it for any flying service.

Now I have finished the figures (which I have to admit leaves me feeling a bit empty) I will focus on a bit of scenery while waiting for some NVA and civilian figures to come in.


Brummie said...

Very nice sir. Are you going to be doing any BATREP's yet?

Shelldrake said...

I have just set up my playing area for a game after making the original post.

I need to whip up a bit more scenery first and some playing aids, and they I will play my first game of Point Blank and post an BATREP.

Beccas said...

Great work Shelldrake. Looking forward to your Battle Reports.

Dan said...

Great looking figures!

The Extraordinarii said...

There looking good Shelldrake, those commie &*%$*^! good for nothings .... :)

Jim Casey said...