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'Nam project - first NVA painted

My order of NVA and a few extra VC arrived in the mail this week, and I have finished the fist four NVA:

 It took a bit of time for me to come up with a green that I was happy with for the uniforms. I am still not 100% happy with the colour, but they will do the job for my games.

I would have had more NVA finished to show, but I was side tracked painting up my first two Super Hero figures. Once I have finished off the bases I will post photos of them as well.


lrqan said...

Neat figures and good background.

Brummie said...

Nicely done mate. Are you planning another game report soon?

Shelldrake said...

@ Brummie - Soonish. I have ordered 40 trees that I want to use for scenery. Once I have those I think I will have enough trees etc to push around to allow me to change the set up each time.

Once I have those I will be into the campaign and posting a lot of game reports (fingers crossed).

This should give me time to complete my NVA as well.

The Extraordinarii said...

Good stuff Shelldrake, the NVA look good mate.

I have finished painting up a couple of US Marines, should have a full squad done by next weekend, I hope.

If your VC / NVA ever need some opposition let me know mate :)

Shelldrake said...

That is the thing about Vietnam wargaming - most people want to play the allies.

I would be interested in a co-op game though.

The Extraordinarii said...

Hahaha your so right, my marines are keen and over confident.

A Co op sounds like a good start.

Does disposable heroes offer Co- Op game scenarios?

Shelldrake said...

The rules don't have co-op rules, but it is easy enough to adapt the "No More Room In Hell" zombie rules to control VC/NVA.