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'Nam project - Buddha statue head

I saw this item on the Table Top Gaming News web site this morning and after a quick 'google' to ensure it was of a type found in Vietnam I ordered one.

Evil Mushroom Games is selling it as a figure base, but I will turn it into a bit of scenery for my games.

On a completely different subject, now that I have build my path and river sections one of the companies I contacted to get the sections laser cut has replied to me.

 As there were some modular sections I could not make I will see what they can make for me.


Brummie said...

Dude thats just typical nice find on the base. It will look great among some ruins. Perhaps even find some use for your Strange Aeons gaming

lrqan said...

I second that!!!

Bard said...

Very cool find!

cmnash said...

That is a good find, and as Brummie said, multipurpose too!