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Iron Ivan Games

"One Game to rule them all, One game to bind them,
One game to bring them all and around the table find them."

Have I found a set of rules that I can use for skirmish games of any type? From Ancients to Modern or from Fantasy to Sci-fi?

I think I have.

Iron Ivan Games' Disposable Heroes Point Blank is a very versatile and with the use of their supplements it is possible to play any game set from WW1 to Modern/Horror.

By using the "This Very Ground" rules for the French & Indian War I am convinced that I can now play Point Blank for any period using black powder weapons: Pirates, Three Musketeers, AWI, SYW, Napoleonics, Crimean war and ACW for example.

 Add "This Very Ground" and "No More Room In Hell" and I can play Horse and Musket Horror games. Provided I come up with rules for things like vampires and werewolves.

 This interests me a lot, as one of my favorite films is "Brotherhood of the Wolf"

By using WW1 rules I can play colonial games - Zulu War, Boxer Rebellion, French Foreign Legion or Boer War.

 If I remove black powder weapons from "This Very Ground" I have basic rules for Ancients to Medieval that I just need to modify slightly.

 With a few tweaks I can come up with rules for fantasy games and spells or Sci-fi games with lasers.

 And one of the best things about the Point Blank rules is that you only need a squad or so per side to play a game.

 This means a lot of started projects that I have only a handful of figures for can get a new lease of life as I have most of the figures I would need to start playing. Once I have painted them up that is.

It will also allow me to play my Alternative History games I had lined up that, due to the fact they are alternative history, getting figures for a full game was almost impossible.

 To wit, my 28mm WW2 setting where China, instead of Japan, is the aggressor in the Pacific. I have some Brigade Games WW2 Chinese and Australians but not enough to play large battles.

 Now I can, so expect something Alternative some time soonish. Once I have painted all of my VC/NVA.  Or maybe at the same time.


Beccas said...

It's a great game system.

Bard said...

I've been tempted by this. Your description makes me want to go back and take another look at it. It might just be right up my alley.

cmnash said...

You are tempting me to get yet another set of rules, curse you!

Seriously, I did not realise Point Blank was so comprehensive, so thanks for this info Ian. I'll probably get a set at Salute now

Brummie said...

Yup, they seem pretty versatile. I'd recommend them

lrqan said...

I'm with the Bard. I must check these out. Looks interesting. But it'll take a lot to tear me away from Ed. Tex's stuff.

Shelldrake said...

Just one point - the Point Blank rules can be used by themselves, but the suggestions I have made in my post use the supplements put out by Iron Ivan Games.

Please don't rush out and buy the rules and find that there isn't any information on the Rhodesian Bush War or Zombie games for example.

@Irqan - I suspect there would be two camps - those for THW and those for Iron Ivan Games.

If you are happy with THW and know the system then I would stick with them.

Unless you can find someone that owns the rules and play a few games without having to shell out the £ needed to learn if you like the rules or not.