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'Nam project - now with added river

Happy with my high speed trail I decided to go one step further and use a similar process to make a modular river for my game.

I used the same sized MDF sections but made the key feature wider than I did the paths.

Making the rivers took a bit longer - I first coated them with caulking and once that was dry I painted the river sections a two tone colour.

Again waiting for the sections to dry I then applied multiple layers of polyurethane to each section progressively over a few days.

Once the polyurethane was dry I built up the banks of the river sections with putty and, you guessed it, waited for that to dry before also painting over the putty.

With that all done I applied another coat of the polyurethane to the rivers and once that had dried I added the flock to the river banks.

One of the river pieces was made up to represent a ford in the river, as seen in the photo above.

I am fairly happy with the end results and I will have to make a few new sections for the path and the river too allow for different directions and to ensure I can fit them both on the playing area with out falling short or going over the edge.


Brummie said...

Looks really good Ian, Nice and Murky look to it

Dan said...

Looks great!

cmnash said...

Looks good Ian, very mucky river!