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Super Heroes & a competition (of sorts)

This one is straight from left field.

Having painted my VC I wanted something else to paint while waiting for my NVA to arrive.

Looking through my lead pile had me wondering what to paint, and I found myself wanting to paint a Super Hero.

Years ago I purchased the SuperSystem rules but at the time the only minis I could find for them (apart from the Hero Clix things) were the excellent Four Color Figures range sold by Old Glory.

 Due to the outrageous postage rates from Old Glory, especially given the exchange rate over four years ago, I never went anywhere with this project.

 Then I remembered that Reaper Miniatures are building up a decent range of Super Figures. I looked through the figures and made a 'wish list', and not being able to help myself I ordered a couple of figures to kick start the project.

 I have been having a ball coming up with background notes, powers and names for the figures I ordered and for those in my wish list.

For example I have created a Super Heroine based on this reaper figure:

 I have called her "Cougar" and she moves very fast, has natural claws for melee weapons and has all kinds of 'kitty' based abilities such as heightened senses and lighting reflexes.
 Her real name is Stacey Dallimore and I am toying with the idea she was 'slipped a 'mickey' at a night club that contained the prototype of a designer drug that caused life changing alterations in her.

There are three other character designs I have so far - two heroes and two villains.

The great thing about planning a Super Hero setting is that I can use the scenery from zombie games and I can go through my old lead pile and come up with some ideas on how to bring new life in to figures that I was most likely not going to use anymore, such as some velociraptors I have. (I already have a scenario idea called "Raptor Rampage" in mind).

So, I am thinking of holding a competition, and there might even be a prize for the winner.

The Competition

 This competition is open to followers of my blog only.

To enter you must chose a figure from the Reaper Miniatures site and come up with either a hero or a villain.

 It can be any figure from the site, but you need to be able to justify an orc, dwarf or anything not 'normal' for a hero or villain.

 You can give them sidekick or  henchmen from the list of other reaper figures (i.e. you might have a robot master and robots as henchmen).

You need to:

Give me the figure code of the one you have chosen (a link to the figure will help too).
Come up with a suitable name for the hero or villain.
Come up with a back ground for the character, including what gave them their powers.
List what powers they have. Try to match this with the look of the figure if you can.
Describe the colour of their clothes/uniform.

If they have a sidekick or henchmen you need to do the same for them too.

The rest is limited to your imagination. You can include more information on the character if you wish.

Entries are to be submitted as comments in this post and I will post the winning entry on my blog.

Readers have until 31st March 2012 to get their entries in, and if enough people enter I will come up with a prize for them.


Lord Siwoc said...

14131 Elsabeth.

Real name: Elsabeth Sanderson
Super alias : Lady Agony

Elsabeth never really fitted in anywhere. Not really feeling right. That is untill highschool when she began hanging around with the goths. They accepted her as she was.

Her powers came to be as she played around with a whip one of the others had brought along. As she cracked it, it glowed bright and became longer than it actually was, then retracting to original size again. A cool party trick and she found she had a talent for using it and could soon snap a cigarette out of the mouth from another person from far away.

One day as she walked home at night she was mugged. She gave the muggers her money and phone but when they ran she brought out the whip. First to be hit was at 20 meteres, as the whip touch him he screamed out and was wracked with pain. The other turned around only to find the whip coming for him aswell. Catching him by the leg the whip carried him up in the air, head down untill he was looking into the eyes of Elsabeth. "Bad!" Was all she said, and that was quite enough. Police found them lying whimpering in foetal positions, saying the same line over and over again. "I will be a nice man."

Lady Agony was born. She is dressed mostly in black with some red grament as a contrast. Her face pure white with black lipstick and the darkest eyes that glow green when she uses the whip. The whip is glowing green. The knife is purely for self defence...She says.

She is actually a pretty sweet girl and tries to do the right thing. She is often misunderstood as her looks sometimes scare peple.

Zerloon said...

Code: 50140 – Torrent, Super Hero.

Name: Theresa Pond

Theresa was a normal girl, if for normal you mean beautiful, deceptive, all-gaining young girl. Fact is, she is very good looking, and see no guilty in use this at her own advantage. She was 12 years old when she discover her power, the ability to turn his very body in a mass of raging water. After some thought she simply decide that there is no gain in doing super hero crap, best use her aspect to get what she wants.

Or at least, until Tim. Tim was the good looking guy, quarterback of the school, a match made in heaven. And he was a total jerk. One night, in his car, he went a step too far, only to be recovered, the day after, semi-drowned.

This could have stopped here, but Tim manage, somehow, to get a gun and seek revenge. He open fire to Theresa in the middle of the school. The bullets passed throught the body of Theresa, who had turned in water. She was harmless, but behind her two girl dropped dead, the bullets meant to kill Theresa find they’re body. Out of her mind from fear and anger she surround Tim, only the intervention of a mysterious masked man prevent her to become a killer.

Something snapped in her mind, and she found herself unable to shift to her previous form, even when anger wade off.

Now she’s doing that super hero crap, no one know if for an unbearable sense of guilty or for lack of other options. She didn’t know who save her years ago, maybe a professor, maybe another student… She doesn’t know, but she’s determined to find out. To thank him or maybe… only time would tell.

cmnash said...

What a fantastic idea Shelldrake! I shall try and do an entry, but I doubt I'll have time :(

Zerloon said...

Hi! A little more stuff about her powers.

As said she cannot reverts to human form. Luckily she need little concentration to maintain the shape, but if she lose conscience she is doomed to liquefy away... actually she is near impossible to stun, since there are no organ. Also she don't eat, only must absorb some drop of water sometimes.

She need to sleep, and do in bath or big can...

She can reduce her size at will, but she need some source of water to regain it.

A big weakness are the big mass of water... she risk to disperse her conscience, and die for good.

Apart for this she is a tough nail to bite. Physical objects cannot harm her, as much energy type. Heat can vaporize her form, another flaw.

Rain is not a problem to her, but a major advantage, since can replenish her supply of water at will.

She is training to use at best her powers, who know what tricks can learn with time?

Simon black said...

What a nice idea, don't really have the time to come up with something but will surely be interesting to read what others have come up with.

Brummie said...

50235 Edna Crazy Cat Lady

Real Name: Edna

Hero Alias: The Lioness

A loner since a small child, Edna was struck by lightning whilst petting a stray cat and awoke with the gift to talk with all feline animals. Edna has lightning reflexes and fantastic agility.

Looks can be very deceiving so beware her walking cane for it is packs a nasty sting in her super fast hands.

There are rumours that at time of extreme stress Edna can turn into a ferociously large cat

(03570/02480 sabertooth tiger)

Edna has particular hatred for people who are cruel to her feline friends and seeks vengeance against those who harm or do them wrong.

This has often leaded her into very dangerous situations as she is blinded by her thirst for revenge.

Edna came close to death seeking revenge against a British Pharmaceutical giant BRUM INC who where kidnapping pet cats to experiment on and came across a huge crime syndicate which nearly killed her in the process of vengeance