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Black Powder

I went around to my Mate's place last night and we started a game of Black Powder. It has been around a year plus since we last played a game of BP, so we decided to learn the rules again.

 After cleaning the gaming table a bit we deployed our troops, both sides are from his collection of 15mm French and Prussians.

 This is the set up for the game - we are playing three brigades per side for this game.

My French

His Prussians

As you can see the scenery is nothing special at all for this game - we places a couple of buildings on a whim. Once we know what we are doing with the rules we will add extra scenery for our next game.

 After one turn each we ran out of time for the evening, so we will take up the game again next time I go around to my Mate's place.

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The Extraordinarii said...

He looks like he has more troops than you !