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Strange Aeons game day

Yesterday one of my mates came around for a bit of a catch up.  We have known each other for a long time now, but due to life getting in the way, we usually only catch up once or twice a year.

 This year we decided to try and make catching up a bit more frequent, and to this end we decided to have a day of playing Strange Aeons.

My friend is more of a role player than a war gamer -mainly due to the need for a large number of figures and space to play games in.

 Seeing as we both enjoy Call of Cthulhu a lot, I decided to introduce him to Strange Aeons.

To save time I created the Agents and Lurkers needed for the game and then explained the game basics to him.

The first game was a simple one - the 'Fight' scenario.  I played the lurkers and my mate played the Agents.

 The first game was won by the agents - the lurkers took a bit of a pasting, only managing to hit one agent for the entire game, and even then the agent didn't suffer that much at all.

Set up for the first game
The lurkers advance towards the agents

The cult leader goes down in a blast from a double barrel shotgun

After lunch we decided to play a second game - this time with me as the agents, and my friend as the lurkers.

My mate chose the "Treasure Hunt" scenario to play and I wasted no time in my tactics - with two of my agents taking cover in some ruins, my third agent searched for the hidden item.

 My dice rolls for searching were pathetic to say the least, and in no time the lurkers were upon the agents, and a gun fight ensured.

Initially my agents carved up the cultists, and it looked like it would be an easy victory.

But the cultists managed to shoot my top agent. He was taken out of the game, but didn't suffer any major injury, so he can return for the next game.

It was at this stage that my other agent finally found the item he had been looking for - about time!

The agent taking cover in the ruins took revenge on the cultists for wounding his boss, and managed to take them both out.

Both games were a lot of fun, and my mate even expressed an interest in playing a campaign via email using maps and photos.


Mathyoo said...

That looks great! I wanted to play SA too, but rules got costly with all the shipping :D

Shelldrake said...

Black Cat Bases in the UK are selling the game now, so that might make it cheaper for you to buy.

Clint said...

Good report, really enjoyed it.

Black Cat you say > I shall have a look.

lrqan said...

Nice report I enjoyed it. I love your table layout. Your terrain is some of the best I see. Well done.

Lord Siwoc said...

A good way of you two to keep connected by a playbyemail.

Very cool indeed!

Brummie said...

I really do like the strange aeons settings. Must resist. Glad you had a good time though. The table looked great

The Extraordinarii said...

nice set up, terrain looks sweet.