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Strange Aeons - Morbid Adventures

The latest book for Strange Aeons has arrived, and my initial thoughts is that I am a little under whelmed.

 Perhaps I was expecting too much from this one.

 Don't get me wrong - it is a very useful book.  It contains lots of scenarios, including variations of each one, it has combined weapon charts that get used most during a game in one handy spot, and a master list of lurkers and their powers.

 I think the bit that under whelms me is that a) there isn't a lot that is new in the book, and b) one of the main reasons I purchased the book was for the section on solo game mode.

 The solo game mode section was a real kick in the guts for me.  Basically the section says "you can play this game solo".  There are three paragraphs on solo mode, and I summed it up on one short sentence.

 The book is useful, and I am glad I have my copy of the book, but if you are starting out with the game I wouldn't buy it just yet, unless it was part of a bundle deal that made it cheaper.


Brummie said...

Thats useful then erm not! Nevermind mate

The Extraordinarii said...

Not really familar with this system, cover looks good ... ?