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'Nam project - more scenery

In between painting up my NVA (I only have seven more to paint and they are all done) I have been making some more scenery.

Using the same method as my previous post I used some frond like plastic plants to what I think is good effect.

These are the made up items:

These are the same ones with a TAG War Correspondent to show the scale:

And here are some 'action' shots to show what they look like on the gaming table:

LRRPs in the foreground, NVA in the back ground and VC on the path

Close up of the first 'action' shot

Side view showing the new scenery placed on the edge of the trails to show how modular scenery can work

 I have a lot more of these 'fronds' so I will make up some more of the scenery pieces as well as cut some down for low level fern type bits and pieces.

I am really happy with the way the playing area is starting to fill out. I have 40 model railway trees on the way, so by the time I base those up and make some more of the grass tufts pieces you can see in the photos I should start to have some decent scenery for once.


Clint said...

Looking good. More diverse than my "Jungle" scenery which is basically Butchers parsley that they used to have in refrigerators.

lrqan said...

Damn fine jungle mate.

Brummie said...

That table looks great! Nice and dense looking but with enough space to move figures about.

Beccas said...

Woah. That looks really good.

The Extraordinarii said...

Jungle is coming along nicely as are your opfor forces, doing good mate.

Jim Casey said...

Nice, good balance!