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'Nam project - some scenery

After having some plastic bits and pieces sitting around the place for years I finally came up with how I wanted to use them.

 I was sent the bits years ago from a fellow Victorian that helped me out over at the TMP forum. (Thanks Pat - just in case you are reading this).

 Unfortunately I only had enough to make what you see in the photo - I would love to make another 10 - 20 of them to really put around the playing area.

 They were really simple to make too - cut out some cardboard, tape the edges so there were no gaps, glue the 'grass' to the card with hot glue, plaint the card and then flock. 

To give you an idea of how tall they are, here is another photo with the TAG 28mm downed pilot figure:

 On a whim I also painted up a figure I intend to use as a encounter as part of my random event list for the game:

The photo isn't the best, but it is a 28mm scale cobra that I had lying around from Mega Minis in the U.S.

I made sure that cobras are found in Vietnam before painting it up though.

The "Where Heroes Dare" rule book has stats for cobras, so I will be able to include this nasty critter without having to do any work except look it up in the book.


Brummie said...

Cool, Jungle looks really effective. Looking forward to seeing the Cobra spring out as a nasty surprise for someone

The Extraordinarii said...

Good ideas mate, the Cobra is particularly nasty.

lrqan said...

Jungle scenary has been a fav of mine. These are good. Try using the bristles from an old yard brush. Bundle them together and mount. Can be effective.