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My first Superheroes

As mentioned in my previous post I painted up a few superhero types instead of painting my NVA.

Well here they are:

The one on the left is the "Cougar" and the one on the right is, well, I don't have a name for him yet.

I have worked out the stats and powers for each of them though.

Just need to come up with a name for the bloke.  I was toying with the "Templar", but I am not overly enthused about the name.


Lord Siwoc said...

Commander Blood?

Looking pretty good there mate

Brummie said...

Very nice Shelldrake nice colour scheme on both

Zerloon said...

Or... you used the same Superman 's colors, but inverted the scheme. So something like Bizzarro? Superdude? Superguy?

Shelldrake said...

The Mrs. suggested I called the second figure 'Vice-Versa" because it is the opposite to superman in colours, as Zerloon correctly pointed out.

Still not sure on the name. One will come to me in time.

Shelldrake said...
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