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'Nam Project - NVA finished

I finished painting and varnishing my NVA yesterday and finished basing them today.

Here is my entire collection of NVA figures:

 The officer in the centre is for scenario purposes, as are the two snipers to either side of him.

 The remainder make up two squads for my game.

 I did have to double up on one of the pack of NVA to be able to make the two squads. TAG make enough VC that I could have two squads with no double ups, but they haven't done the same for their NVA.

 Now the NVA are completed I have some extra VC to paint up - enough to complete my two squads of VC plus a HMG with crew.

 Once the VC are done I will look towards getting some Civilian figures from West Wind Productions.


Bard said...

Very nicely done!

The Extraordinarii said...

Oh Wow, your just churning them out! well done mate they look like a mean bunch, I especially like the officer figure, your right about him being good for certain scenarios, can I assume they are all TAG minis?

Brummie said...

Cracking stuff dude. Love your jungle bases looks really effective and fits in with your table nicely

Dan said...

Excellent job!

lrqan said...

Terrifying. I wouldn't like to come across them on a dark jungle path!